I want to make myself a tumblr for gaining but I don't have that much money to spend it on food (I do spend a lot on it tho) So I was wondering if anyone here thinks it's a good idea, or if they could help me gain weight (I'm a female gainer, I weight around 200 pound atm) I could post my progress, and videos of stuffing too. (could you post this and if ppl think its a nice idea they could like it or reblog it?) Btw, I really love this site >///< <3


Haha, I’m sure there are people. Good luck on your journey!

Hope your Friday is going well.

Just wanted to address a couple things. 

1) First off, I’ve seen some people complaining, and received some messages as well, about the fact that there are too many “males” on this site. From Thin to Fat is for ALL GENDERS AND ORIENTATIONS. If you don’t like it, sorry. There are plenty of women who like to look at big dudes just like there are plenty of men who like to look at big ladies. I try to make a balance, but sometimes more men submit than women. (But really, there are 71 pages for females compared to 43 for men.)

2) Any hate mail received is deleted immediately, so don’t even waste your time sending it. 

3) Please no nudity. In underwear is fine, but no privates being shown or close to being shown. Your submission will just be deleted. No warning message or anything. Just please, keep it PG-13. You can push it a bit, but just not too much. 

4) If you send a message to the site, you are speaking to the admin, who is indeed a guy. I also don’t have any pics on here of myself, so I know you aren’t talking to me. I feel bad when I have to delete those messages sometimes, but hey, you aren’t talking directly to the people who have submitted pictures. I’m sure if they aren’t anonymous, you can!

Basically this post is just a blah blah blah rules and regulations junk. Sorry if it’s boring. Enjoy the pictures I reblogged of an feedee I know. (No new pictures though, those are like 2-3 years old.)